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Overview of process

Removal of existing bathroom suite.

bathroom joists repair strengthen

Walls are taken back to bare plaster or brick and checked for structural integrity, and to ensure that walls are plumb, and square.

Floor are assessed for structural integrity, including floorboards, joists and other timbers.  Sub-Floor structures are often found to be damaged by slow, but continued water ingress over many years, and when installing a tile floor, it is important to ensure that the floor is capable of resisting any kind of deflection which can otherwise cause damage newly installed floor tiling.

Timber baton

baton square for tiling and shower area

Timber batons have been installed in this situation to ensure the area where the bath will be installed is square.

Often in older properties, walls do not meet at exactly 90 degrees which can cause a problem with bath installation.

We also take the opportunity to re-point any badly damaged brickwork since everything is exposed.


timber subfloor marine plywood

In this situation, the timber joists beneath the subfloor were strengthened from below, and water resistant subfloor instilled on top, ready for priming and tiling.

Tile Board Installation

aqua panel cementinous board for tiling

Cement based boards are used as a backer for the tiling.  Tiling in a wet area should never be performed directly onto plasterboard.

Boxing in Bath


The area in front of the bath was boxed in with plywood.

the customer also wanted a small shelf at the end of the bath area for taps to come out from, so this box was created for this purpose.


polished concrete effect ceramic tiles topps

Tiling is performed using professional grade adhesives and grout. 

Metal edges have been installed around the window frame, and around any exposed tile edge.

 In this situation, our client wanted to be able to use the bathroom as much as possible throughout the build, and we did our best to accommodate this by re-installing the old shower and a temporary screen between construction days.  


silicone in corner, metal tile edge, polished concrete tiling

Bathroom suite is installed, and high quality silicone installed in corners to provide a high quality finish.

Walls have been re-plastered, and decorated with bathroom grade paint.

Bathroom is then thoroughly cleaned ready for the client to enjoy